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Exchange Rate Forecasting

RRP $906.99

Forecasting exchange rates is a variable that preoccupies economists, businesses and governments, being more critical to more people than any other variable. In Exchange Rate Forecasting the author sets out to provide a concise survey of the techniques of forecasting - bringing together the various forecasting methods and applying them to the exchange rate in a highly accessible and readable manner. Highly practical in approach, the book provides an understanding of the techniques of forecasting with an emphasis on its applications and use in business decision-making, such as hedging, speculation, investment, financing and capital budgeting. In addition, the author also considers recent developments in the field, notably neural networks and chaos, again, with easy-to-understand explanations of these "rocket science" areas. The practical approach to forecasting is also reflected in the number of examples that pepper the text, whilst descriptions of some of the software packages that are used in practice to generate forecasts are also provided.

Integrated Assessment Of Water Resources And Global Change

RRP $89.95

How can the Earth s finite water resources be managed sustainably to meet the growing needs of humans and of nature in ways that avert the looming crisis? The need to find answers to this question has exercised the minds of many scientists, practitioners and policymakers who recognise the urgency of the problems. These concerns have spawned a number of international research initiatives and programs, prominent representatives of which met to review progress and exchange views at an international conference in Bonn, Germany in February 2005.

The pressing water problems must clearly be tackled from an integrated perspective taking into account environmental, human and technological factors and especially their interdependence. The key papers in this volume from the Bonn conference focus on the challenges of integrated assessment of water resources in the context of global change. The growing gap between North and South is also addressed, in terms not only of access to water and its quality, but also of the capacity to do research and implement solutions.

The coverage of the papers is up-to-date and comprehensive. Highlights include emerging concepts such as blue and green water, virtual water, the water footprints of nations, multi-agent modelling, linkages between water and biodiversity, and social learning and adaptive management.


Exchange Rate Regimes

RRP $262.95

This book discusses the role played by the exchange rate in the economy and the pros and cons of fixed and flexible rates are discussed. The classification of exchange rate regimes is examined from theoretical, practical and historical perspectives. Macroeconomic performance under various exchange rate regimes is assessed, followed by a survey of models of exchange rate regime choice. Some factual case studies are presented and related to the theoretical foundations, including the choice of exchange rate regime in the post-conflict case of Iraq.

Exchange And Development

RRP $272.99

Urban Strategies For Culture-driven Growth

RRP $238.99

Over the past three decades, the European Capital of Culture has grown into one of the most ambitious cultural programs in the world. Through the promotion of cultural diversity across the continent, the program fosters mutual understanding and intercultural dialogue among citizens, thereby increasing their sense of belonging to a community. This insightful book outlines potential avenues through which culture and creativity can raise the imaginative capability of citizens and harness opportunities tied to what the book calls 'culture-driven growth'. Building on three years of observations, interviews and research the authors argue that a 'strategy-as-practice' perspective can reveal how strategy making is enabled or constrained by organizational and social practices. The authors reveal how the 'sweet-spot' of city regeneration occurs where urban and cultural planning are aligned. They then evaluate the practice of 'co-creation' within organizing bodies and investigate the extent to which its success depends on a fusion of top-down rules and bottom-up action. Urban Strategies for Culture-Driven Growth will appeal to international scholars and students in organization studies, geography, city governance and planning, urban design and urban and regional development. Policymakers and planners will also find it to be a valuable resource.


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