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Elements Of Foreign Exchange

RRP $15.99

How can you profit from this Classic and revealing book on Forex? Could it be that few traders and investors are smart enough to see how books this old (written in 1915) can help them?

Written for the newbie to Forex, this book will allow you to get a quick and clear idea on the following:

  • How Foreign Exchange Works
  • Why It Moves As It Does
  • What Can Be Read from Its Movements
  • What Effects Its Movements Exert on Other Markets

If you are a seasoned Forex pro, then this book is not for you. This is for people with no (or little) technical Forex knowledge.

With this classic book revived in all its glory, now you have the chance to learn the story of the NYSE during its longest crisis and hopefully you will be one of the few elite that profits from the past.

Global Imbalances, Exchange Rates And Stabilization Policy

RRP $315.99

This book analyzes key international monetary issues from a macro-foundations perspective. It proposes novel frameworks to interpret macroeconomic and financial linkages for globally integrated economies, examining global imbalances, exchange rates, interest rates, international capital flows, inflation, foreign and public debt.

Colonial Trade And International Exchange

RRP $332.99

International trade theory implicitly assumes that countries participating in external trade each have sovereign status. Its failure to recognise the pervasive importance of colonial trade as an intermediate stage of external trade development, interposed between autarky and 'international trade' narrowly defined creates a serious gap In its explanatory structure and direct applicability.

Anthony John's book is an attempt to examine the properties of colonial resource management on the process of territorial specialisation. He considers the implications of such foreign involvement for the trade patterns which may ensue after political independence when formal 'international' trade entry is effected.

Learning To Teach Foreign Languages In The Secondary School

RRP $420.99

Praise for previous editions: -

'It is an excellent reference resource presenting clear, straightforward, factual information on all current issues facing MFL student teachers ... Also an excellent reference guide during the first years of teaching.' Mentoring and Tutoring

'The content and scope are very impressive ... The authors have managed to condense a wealth of theory, research, practical advice, case studies and tasks into one volume ... Packed with useful ideas, addresses including WWW addresses and references ... I would regard this book as indispensable for both HEI tutors and mentors, and an important book to recommend to all MFL students.' Langauge Learning Journal

Learning to Teach Modern Languages in the Secondary School has established itself as the leading textbook for student teachers of modern foreign languages in the UK and internationally. The practical focus of the book is underpinned by a theoretical perspective and backed up by the latest research, encouraging reader to develop a personal approach to modern foreign language teaching. An account is also taken of relevant statutory frameworks.

Now in its fourth edition, this book has been thoroughly updated to take account of recent policy and curriculum changes. With the recent increased emphasis on teachers as researchers and the alignment of many PGCE courses with Masters level criteria, reference to important concepts and theoretical positions have been strengthened. Strong reference to their relevance in the context of professional practice and a new chapter discussing the findings of research on Second Language Acquisition and Foreign Language Learning has been added. Other chapters cover a wide range of relevant topics, including:

  • Teaching methods and learning strategies
  • Teaching in the target language and developing cultural awareness
  • Teaching of grammar
  • Differentiation and assessment
  • The use of ICT in modern foreign language teaching.
  • Each chapter features: an introduction offering a brief contextualisation of the topic; objectives identifying what the reader should know, understand and/or be able to do having read the chapter and carried out the tasks in it; discussion of the most important issues with reference to their application in the classroom; tasks inviting the reader to relate content to work in school; a list of annotated further readings.

    The book has been designed to allow the reader to 'pick and choose' specific topics and chapters don't need to be read sequentially. Examples are given in French, German and Spanish but most are transferable to other languages. It will prove an invaluable resource to MFL student teachers and their mentors and tutors.

    The Economic Function Of A Stock Exchange

    RRP $271.99

    In recent years, exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic have been extensively reengineered, and their organizational structures have changed from non-profit, membership organizations to for-profit, demutualized organizations. Concurrently, new alternative trading systems have emerged and the traditional functions of broker/dealer firms have evolved. How have these changes affected the delivery of that mission? How has the efficiency of capital raising in the IPO market been impacted? These are among the key questions addressed in this book, titled after the Baruch College Conference, The Economic Function of a Stock Market. Featuring contributions from a panel of scholars, academicians, policymakers, and industry leaders, this volume examines current issues affecting market quality, including challenges in the marketplace, growth opportunities, and IPO capital raising in the global economy.

    The Zicklin School of Business Financial Markets Series presents the insights emerging from a sequence of conferences hosted by the Zicklin School at Baruch College for industry professionals, regulators, and scholars. Much more than historical documents, the transcripts from the conferences are edited for clarity, perspective and context; material and comments from subsequent interviews with the panelists and speakers are integrated for a complete thematic presentation. Each book is focused on a well delineated topic, but all deliver broader insights into the quality and efficiency of the U.S. equity markets and the dynamic forces changing them.?


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