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Global Imbalances, Exchange Rates And Stabilization Policy

RRP $315.99

This book analyzes key international monetary issues from a macro-foundations perspective. It proposes novel frameworks to interpret macroeconomic and financial linkages for globally integrated economies, examining global imbalances, exchange rates, interest rates, international capital flows, inflation, foreign and public debt.

Elements Of Foreign Exchange

RRP $15.99

How can you profit from this Classic and revealing book on Forex? Could it be that few traders and investors are smart enough to see how books this old (written in 1915) can help them?

Written for the newbie to Forex, this book will allow you to get a quick and clear idea on the following:

  • How Foreign Exchange Works
  • Why It Moves As It Does
  • What Can Be Read from Its Movements
  • What Effects Its Movements Exert on Other Markets

If you are a seasoned Forex pro, then this book is not for you. This is for people with no (or little) technical Forex knowledge.

With this classic book revived in all its glory, now you have the chance to learn the story of the NYSE during its longest crisis and hopefully you will be one of the few elite that profits from the past.

Exchange Rate Parity For Trade And Development

RRP $293.99

This book extends recent theories of incomplete markets to investigate empirically the appropriate balance between the market and the state in the trade relations between developed and developing countries. The conclusion is that in an ideal world government intervention in foreign exchange and trade is necessary in developing countries in the early stages and inevitably decreases as development occurs. Rationing of foreign exchange prevents a 'soft currency distortion' that commonly afflicts developing countries and can turn comparative advantage trade into competitive devaluation trade, with severe losses of income and welfare. Yotopoulos finds that the level of underdevelopment narrowly circumscribes and conditions the extent to which free-market, free-trade, laissez-faire can be beneficial, contrary to the mainstream policy paradigm as currently applied. The analysis and tests draw on empirical research from seventy countries and four extended country studies to confirm the usefulness and validity of the theoretical framework.

Balfour And Foreign Policy

RRP $59.99

This is a study of the foreign policy views of Arthur James Balfour (1848-1930), British Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary, which examines his understanding of foreign relations, his perception of contemporary foreign and Imperial affairs, and his prescriptions for British policy. The book spans international thought, diplomatic history, and biography. Theory is, however, not divorced from practice, still less practice from people. In elucidating Balfour's mind, the author touches on most of the major issues of four decades of international history and some fundamental questions of international relations. Little attention has been paid hitherto to Balfour's political thought, but here he is shown as an intellectual with a deep and coherent philosophy, which led him to emphasise the importance of Anglo-American partnership in world affairs.

Ion Exchange And Solvent Extraction: Volume 20

RRP $496.99

Over the past four decades, notable advancements in the theory and application of ion exchange science uncovered a wealth of knowledge that fueled new scientific pursuits and created synergies with myriad scientific endeavors. Today, pioneers continue to break new ground by synthesizing novel materials and merging the interdisciplinary fields of science and engineering.

Now in its 20th volume, Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances chronicles the ongoing changes that drive innovation in this important field. Beginning with a review of research studies that show how functionalized ion exchange polymers serve as supports to stabilize metal nanoparticles (MNPs) without forming larger than nano aggregates, the book describes the sorption of different gases from the air by ion exchange resins and fibrous ion exchangers and discusses the selective ion exchange technology capable of removing and recovering perchlorate quantitatively through stable isotope ratio analysis of chlorine and oxygen atoms, allowing for the forensic analysis of perchlorate origin in contaminated water.

Later chapters demonstrate how numerical simulations coupled with small-scale bench-top experiments can help tailor particle size distribution and enhance the efficiency of each application, review dual-temperature ion exchange processes in which sorption and desorption are carried out solely by varying temperature, and present the preparation and characterization of a new composite material in which microparticles of clinoptilolite are embedded in a matrix of cross-linked chitosan, opening new opportunities for the natural biopolymer. The book concludes with the preparation, characterization, and field-level experience of an emerging class of "hybrid ion exchangers" that enhance the application opportunities of ion exchange resins.

Highlighting the latest and most pivotal discoveries, the 20th volume of a field standard codifies the current state-of-the-art and lays the groundwork for the next generation of growth and expansion in the field of ion exchange.


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