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Ion Exchange And Solvent Extraction: Volume 20

RRP $496.99

Over the past four decades, notable advancements in the theory and application of ion exchange science uncovered a wealth of knowledge that fueled new scientific pursuits and created synergies with myriad scientific endeavors. Today, pioneers continue to break new ground by synthesizing novel materials and merging the interdisciplinary fields of science and engineering.

Now in its 20th volume, Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction: A Series of Advances chronicles the ongoing changes that drive innovation in this important field. Beginning with a review of research studies that show how functionalized ion exchange polymers serve as supports to stabilize metal nanoparticles (MNPs) without forming larger than nano aggregates, the book describes the sorption of different gases from the air by ion exchange resins and fibrous ion exchangers and discusses the selective ion exchange technology capable of removing and recovering perchlorate quantitatively through stable isotope ratio analysis of chlorine and oxygen atoms, allowing for the forensic analysis of perchlorate origin in contaminated water.

Later chapters demonstrate how numerical simulations coupled with small-scale bench-top experiments can help tailor particle size distribution and enhance the efficiency of each application, review dual-temperature ion exchange processes in which sorption and desorption are carried out solely by varying temperature, and present the preparation and characterization of a new composite material in which microparticles of clinoptilolite are embedded in a matrix of cross-linked chitosan, opening new opportunities for the natural biopolymer. The book concludes with the preparation, characterization, and field-level experience of an emerging class of "hybrid ion exchangers" that enhance the application opportunities of ion exchange resins.

Highlighting the latest and most pivotal discoveries, the 20th volume of a field standard codifies the current state-of-the-art and lays the groundwork for the next generation of growth and expansion in the field of ion exchange.

Managing A Foreign Exchange Department

RRP $256.99

The purpose of this book is to help bankers in their task of establishing, developing, and supervising foreign exchange departments. The essays included provide insightful and explanatory comments of a general nature in an area where no two institutions are likely to have similar needs or opportunities. The scarcity of books on foreign exchange departments is largely due to this diversity. Rudi Weisweiller's edited collection will appeal to the bankers who want to collaborate closely and successfully with personnel in foreign exchange departments and also to those actually engaged in the day-to-day work of those departments. This is partly a book for foreign exchange dealers and partly a book about them. Each contributor to this book is experienced and still active in the field of foreign exchange. Their accumulated experience has led to this knowledgeable volume, which will be useful to present and future practitioners as a general overview of the foreign exchange department in the modern financial institution.

Exchange-rate Regimes And Currency Unions

RRP $35.00

The contributions are concerned with the theoretical and empirical analyses of fixed and flexible exchange rate systems, the role of central bank and other government policies in such systems, the prospects, workings and effects of a European Monetary System, and capital mobility and economic integration.

Fratelli, A Novel

RRP $0.00

Refractive Lens Exchange

RRP $343.99

Permanent surgical treatment for presbyopia remains the hereto unconquered "last frontier" in anterior segment surgery. Over the years, continuing innovations like Phaco, Radial Keratotomy, LASIK, and premium intraocular lenses have pushed toward this ultimate goal, but now anterior segment surgery is closer than ever with the advent of modern laser-assisted presbyopic lens implantation. LetRefractive Lens Exchange: A Surgical Treatment for Presbyopia, the first book of its kind, be your guide to this fifth wave of innovation in the surgical treatment of presbyopia.

Dr. Ming X. Wang, MD, PhD, joined by Associate Editor Dr. Tracy S. Swartz, OD, MS, FAAO and more than 30 expert contributors, compiled this remarkable book. Never before has there been a book dedicated to all aspects of refractive lens exchange as a permanent treatment for presbyopia, both medically and surgically.
Highlights of Refractive Lens Exchange include:

  • Overview of all surgical treatments for presbyopia
  • Dysfunctional lens syndrome and pathophysiology
  • Patient education and preoperative assessment
  • Marketing refractive lens exchange as a surgical treatment for presbyopia
  • New technologies in assessing dysfunctional lens syndrome
  • New technologies in mapping cornea and lens for refractive lens exchange
  • Retinal issues related to refractive lens exchange
  • Presbyopic lens types, indications, and contraindications for refractive lens exchange
  • Lens- and cornea-based astigmatism correction
  • Intraocular calculations for post refractive surgery eyes for refractive lens exchange
  • Intraoperative wavefront technology
  • 3D high-definition microsurgical visualization and positioning technology
  • Femtosecond laser application in refractive lens exchange
  • Postoperative care and complication management
  • YAG capsulotomy after refractive lens exchange: indications and alternatives
  • Postoperative care and complication management
  • Keratorefractive enhancement

Designed for newcomers as well as seasoned eyecare professionals, Refractive Lens Exchange: A Surgical Treatment for Presbyopia is the first book to guide ophthalmic surgeons, optometrists, and technicians through this exciting new field that is emerging as a safe and effective primary surgical treatment for presbyopia.


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