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The London Stock Exchange

RRP $420.95

In 2001, the London Stock Exchange will be 200 years old, though its origins go back a century before that. This book traces the history of the London Stock Exchange from its beginnings around 1700 to the present day, chronicling the challenges and opportunities it has faced, avoided, or exploited over the years. Throughout, this history seeks to blend an understanding of the London Stock Exchange as an institution with that of the securities market of which it was, and is, such an important component. One cannot be examined satisfactorily without the other. Without a knowledge of both, for example, the causes of the `Big Bang' of 1986 would forever remain a mystery. However, the history of the London Stock Exchange is not just worthy of study for what it reveals about the interaction between institution and market. Such was the importance of the London Stock Exchange that its rise to world dominance before 1914, its decline thereafter, and its renaissance from the mid-1980s, explain a great deal about Britain's own economic performance and the working of the international economy. For the first time a British economic institution of foremost importance is studied throughout its entire history, with regard to the roles played and the constraints under which it operated, and the results evaluated against the background of world economic progress.

Exchange Rate Dynamics

RRP $640.99

Are exchange rates determined by economic fundamentals or are they a prey to random speculative forces? Some economists assert that economic theory has so far performed poorly in explaining the dramatic increase in exchange rate volatility in the recent floating rate period. This book argues that modern macroeconomics theory does provide guidelines for understanding exchange rate fluctuations. Since the mid-1990s, there has been an outpouring of research that aims at laying new foundations for open-macroeconomic theory. The so-called "New Open Economy Macroeconomics" (NOEM) approach embeds micro-founded behavior into dynamic general equilibrium models. This provides a rich framework for thinking about exchange rate behavior and lays the groundwork for credible policy evaluation. This book shows how the most recent analytical tools proposed in this literature improve our understanding of exchange rate fluctuations. With contributions from an international array of thinkers, this impressive book shall interest both students and researchers involved with Macroeconomics, Money and Banking as well as all those interested in International Finance, including financial institutions.

Exchange Rate Forecasting

RRP $906.99

Forecasting exchange rates is a variable that preoccupies economists, businesses and governments, being more critical to more people than any other variable. In Exchange Rate Forecasting the author sets out to provide a concise survey of the techniques of forecasting - bringing together the various forecasting methods and applying them to the exchange rate in a highly accessible and readable manner. Highly practical in approach, the book provides an understanding of the techniques of forecasting with an emphasis on its applications and use in business decision-making, such as hedging, speculation, investment, financing and capital budgeting. In addition, the author also considers recent developments in the field, notably neural networks and chaos, again, with easy-to-understand explanations of these "rocket science" areas. The practical approach to forecasting is also reflected in the number of examples that pepper the text, whilst descriptions of some of the software packages that are used in practice to generate forecasts are also provided.

A Companion To Socrates

RRP $425.99

Written by an outstanding international team of scholars, this <i>Companion</i> explores the profound influence of Socrates on the history of Western philosophy. <ul> <li>Discusses the life of Socrates and key philosophical doctrines associated with him <li>Covers the whole range of Socratic studies from the ancient world to contemporary European philosophy <li>Examines Socrates&#8217; place in the larger philosophical traditions of the Hellenistic world, the Roman Empire, the Arabic world, the Renaissance, and contemporary Europe <li>Addresses interdisciplinary subjects such as Socrates and Nietzsche, Socrates and psychoanalysis, and representations of Socrates in art <li>Helps readers to understand the meaning and significance of Socrates across the ages </ul>

The Economic Function Of A Stock Exchange

RRP $271.99

In recent years, exchanges on both sides of the Atlantic have been extensively reengineered, and their organizational structures have changed from non-profit, membership organizations to for-profit, demutualized organizations. Concurrently, new alternative trading systems have emerged and the traditional functions of broker/dealer firms have evolved. How have these changes affected the delivery of that mission? How has the efficiency of capital raising in the IPO market been impacted? These are among the key questions addressed in this book, titled after the Baruch College Conference, The Economic Function of a Stock Market. Featuring contributions from a panel of scholars, academicians, policymakers, and industry leaders, this volume examines current issues affecting market quality, including challenges in the marketplace, growth opportunities, and IPO capital raising in the global economy.

The Zicklin School of Business Financial Markets Series presents the insights emerging from a sequence of conferences hosted by the Zicklin School at Baruch College for industry professionals, regulators, and scholars. Much more than historical documents, the transcripts from the conferences are edited for clarity, perspective and context; material and comments from subsequent interviews with the panelists and speakers are integrated for a complete thematic presentation. Each book is focused on a well delineated topic, but all deliver broader insights into the quality and efficiency of the U.S. equity markets and the dynamic forces changing them.?


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