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Save And Borrow Money The Smart Way

RRP $17.99

Save and Borrow Money the Smart Way | A Better Way to Save, Borrow, and Recycle Your Family's Money will show you and your family a better way to simultaneously save money and borrow money. If you are looking for the smartest way to save money, borrow money, or if you are contemplating how to get a loan, or even how to save for retirement, then read this book first. Most people believe the bank is the only place to save money or borrow money, and IRA's and 401K's are the only place to save for retirement. However, a bank savings account doesn't allow you to keep earning money when you take money out of the account to pay for an expense. Likewise, neither 401K's nor IRA's allow you to borrow money from them without severe limitations, potentially significant penalties and taxes, and you'll miss out on any potential market gains. There is a smarter way to save and borrow with more flexibility so that your money works much harder for you and allows your family to keep more in their pocket. If you are open to listening to an idea that has been around for close to 200 years and stood the test of time, then consider looking at a participating whole life insurance policy. A participating whole life insurance policy, specifically built with a high cash value as part of the infinite banking concept, allows you to save money and borrow money with much greater efficiency and superior financial performance than any other system you are currently using. This is due to the fact that a properly designed participating whole life policy allows you to get safe, tax-deferred growth and allows you to simultaneously borrow money from the cash value without impacting the growth of that money. Unlike a bank savings account or a bank loan, you can literally get your money working in two different directions at once so you can live better today while saving for tomorrow.If you currently have or are contemplating owning a bank savings account, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, business loans, or car loans, then you need to read this book. Even if you think you are financially savvy and pay cash for all of your major expenses, the system illustrated will keep more in your pocket. Just by reading this book, you will understand why and how you could easily be saving $100,000 to $200,000 over your lifetime if you are currently using credit cards, financing, or paying cash for major expenses.

Secrets Of A Financial Adviser - Your Money, Your Life

RRP $49.99

Warning! Secrets of a Financial Adviser - Your Money, Your Life could change your life, making you happier, wealthier and confident that you have made the right choices. Helen West, Director of her own successful company, has made it her mission to explain important money and life issues clearly, and this book's lively informal approach, packed with helpful examples and exercises to make the make the process both understandable and fun, will appeal not just to young people, but all ages. Written in plain English, explaining concepts young people will understand, this book is a first step towards being financially savvy. With topics including how much you will really have to pay back if you take a university loan, to weekly budgeting and starting to save, this is a book every parent should buy their child as soon as he or she opens a bank account. It is also a book every grown-up should have read. Ending with a tool West calls The ABC Lifeplan, this book, teaches young people to set realistic goals for their lives and careers.

The Best Of The Cheap Cheetah Money Show Book 1

RRP $12.99

This book offers the reader a chance to learn the basics of living a frugal lifestyle. Are you a single saver? Do you have money for retirement? Does your partner know what it cost to run your household? Do they even care? If you answered no to any of these questions then you need to read this book. It will answer your basic frugal living questions. This is the stuff that I talk about every Sunday on The Cheap Cheetah Money Show(tm). My goal when I wrote this book was to help the reader become financially free. So that they can do what they want, when they want without them having to worry about a paycheck or debt hanging over their heads.

How To Save Your Tail*

RRP $11.99

ONCE UPON A time, in a grand castle, there lived a rat named Bob, who was fond of baking and wild about reading. So begins Bob's quest to save himself from being eaten by Muffin and Brutus, the Queen's cats. How does Bob attempt to escape their claws? By telling them fractured fairy tales about his whole rat family (and feeding them cookies).

Make Money With Your Fiction

RRP $16.99

Writing a book is not as easy as one would think, but learning how to make money from your work doesn't have to be equally difficult. Follow this how to guide for making money with your fiction by K.C Baylor, a best-selling author under her pen name K.C Blaze. She tells you little tips and tricks that she's learned to put her books in the top 100 of Amazon's Best Sellers list for almost a year straight. Everything she shares are things she herself has tried. Making money with your fiction can be done with a bit of persistence, know-how and the will to want to create a financially freeing stream of income. Now you can make money from home doing what you love. It all starts with a thought and a story you've already created. Let's get Started!


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