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The Money Saving Mom's Budget

RRP $32.99

Mommy-money blogger Crystal Paine distills her best financial advice and secrets from her blog MONEY SAVING MOMr, to help families get their finances in order. Based on The Money Saving Mom’s Seven Rules for Financial Success and written in a simple, straight-forward style, this book offers an easy plan for a complete financial makeover.

In the first few chapters, you'll learn how to set big financial goals and actually follow through with them, how to organize your home and life so you can have more time to focus on getting your finances in order, and how to implement a realistic cash budget system that can transform your financial situation.

After laying the foundation for financial success in the first few chapters, Paine then teaches you step-by-step how to cut your grocery and household expenditures by 30% to 50%. You'll learn both basic and advanced couponing techniques, 25 practical ways to save money on groceries without clipping coupons, how to buy prescription glasses for under $20, how to dress your children for free, and much more.

If you think living a frugal, simple and debt-free life means you can't ever enjoy dining out, entertainment or vacations, guess again! From money-saving vacation ideas to secrets to dining out on a budget, this book shows you how to enjoy strategic splurging -- and how to do it at half the price.

Sprinkled throughout the book are testimonies from people whose lives have been transformed through the principles Paine shares. You'll be inspired, challenged and motivated to spend less, save more and make the most of what you have.

Save And Borrow Money The Smart Way

RRP $17.99

Save and Borrow Money the Smart Way | A Better Way to Save, Borrow, and Recycle Your Family's Money will show you and your family a better way to simultaneously save money and borrow money. If you are looking for the smartest way to save money, borrow money, or if you are contemplating how to get a loan, or even how to save for retirement, then read this book first. Most people believe the bank is the only place to save money or borrow money, and IRA's and 401K's are the only place to save for retirement. However, a bank savings account doesn't allow you to keep earning money when you take money out of the account to pay for an expense. Likewise, neither 401K's nor IRA's allow you to borrow money from them without severe limitations, potentially significant penalties and taxes, and you'll miss out on any potential market gains. There is a smarter way to save and borrow with more flexibility so that your money works much harder for you and allows your family to keep more in their pocket. If you are open to listening to an idea that has been around for close to 200 years and stood the test of time, then consider looking at a participating whole life insurance policy. A participating whole life insurance policy, specifically built with a high cash value as part of the infinite banking concept, allows you to save money and borrow money with much greater efficiency and superior financial performance than any other system you are currently using. This is due to the fact that a properly designed participating whole life policy allows you to get safe, tax-deferred growth and allows you to simultaneously borrow money from the cash value without impacting the growth of that money. Unlike a bank savings account or a bank loan, you can literally get your money working in two different directions at once so you can live better today while saving for tomorrow.If you currently have or are contemplating owning a bank savings account, credit cards, student loans, personal loans, business loans, or car loans, then you need to read this book. Even if you think you are financially savvy and pay cash for all of your major expenses, the system illustrated will keep more in your pocket. Just by reading this book, you will understand why and how you could easily be saving $100,000 to $200,000 over your lifetime if you are currently using credit cards, financing, or paying cash for major expenses.

Effortless Money Management

RRP $18.99

Effortless Money Management

The simplest, easiest to implement money management strategy that anyone can use

Do you hate it when money management books simply tell you to stop spending money?

They preach that the best way to save money is to cut back all spending, save every penny and effectively have no life!

What these books don't understand is that a methodologies like that actually sets you up for failure.

They ignore one key principle, the psychology of spending and saving.

And ignoring that guarantees failure.

Proper budgeting, money management and saving will allow you to have your cake and eat it too.

The key to success is about using very specific strategies to effortlessly manage your money.

Instead of cutting back on lattes, nights out, and fun the key is to implement systems that compliment your lifestyle.

Systems like this are easy to implement and allow you to save, pay off debt and escape the stresses of financial worry all without being a Scrooge.

If you've fallen prey to poor financial advice before then let me guide you with proven, easy to implement strategies.

These strategies, and the step-by-step program contained in this book is the exact way I escaped my own financial hell.

A few years ago I was broke, paying off debt and, to be honest with you, in a pretty bleak mental state.

The only way I managed to escape was that I decided to go against the conventional wisdom that had failed me so many times before.

I studied everything I could from psychology to accountancy, with the aim of trying to decode the secret to money management.

What I found allowed me to escape the clutches of debt, save for my future and returned me to my happy self.

Everything I learned through my own trial and error is within this book and I've laid it out for you in an easy to implement step-by-step guide.

Pick up this book, read it and implement my system and I guarantee that you will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

And best of all, you will do it without having to cut back on what you love, be frugal or become scrooge.

So buy the book now and start to take back control of your life.

I look forward to this journey with you.

To your success,


P.S Don't Forget to Grab Your Free Gift! Just my way of saying thank you!

Saved From Suicide By The Lord's Prayer

RRP $29.99

One night, while on the brink of committing suicide, "something" mysteriously compelled author Oliver H. Jobson to open the Bible and read The Lord's Prayer. This event became the start of his new journey.

In Saved from Suicide by The Lord's Prayer, Jobson presents a biographical testimonial on his relationship with a source of energy that manifests in his life at critical times, saving him from the possibility of death. His story begins during his adolescent years as an acolyte in the Roman Catholic Church then moves to other anecdotes of his time in high school in Jamaica, in England, including experiences while attending The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

In this memoir, he describes his life's journey, telling how his educational background and military career played a pivotal role in developing the leadership skills that allowed him to lead diverse organizations, develop an uncanny ability to succeed, and to fail with a remarkable sense of strength. In Saved from Suicide by The Lord's Prayer, Jobson describes frequent and interesting experiences that provide intrigue and bewilderment in an adventure found more in fantasy than in real life.

Make Money As A Professional Dj

RRP $12.99

If you love music and enjoy being the center of attention, you could be getting paid to party as a Disc Jockey. Veteran DJ Marty Augustine will show you what you need to know to start making money as a professional DJ entertainer for parties, weddings, nightclubs and other special events. Marty has been in the music business for more than two decades. With experience in radio, nightclubs and mobile events, Marty has found success in all aspects of the DJ business. Using his experience as a guide, Marty has helped many DJ's launch their careers. Now he shares his knowledge with you. Learn the skills you need to turn your love of music and fun into a money making part time hobby or a full time career. Make Money as a Professional DJ!


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