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How To Be A Money Magnet

RRP $18.99

How To Be a Money Magnet

Easy to Follow Feng Shui and Law of Attraction Tips and Advice to Attract WealthLearn how to

Feng Shui your home for wealth

Feng Shui is not only about creating beauty and a good feeling environment. It can also be used to simplify your life and help create wealth. We does this by looking at your environment to see what you may be putting in or around your environment that might be keeping you from the prosperity you desire.

Habits that are keeping you from achieving your goals

Did you know that all of your thoughts and actions are sending a signal to the universe that says exactly what you expect to receive financially? Most of your thoughts and actions are habits that you have been taught by your parents and society. Only when we become aware of what we are doing that is blocking our wealth can began to change our finances.

Beliefs that you may have that are blocking your wealth from manifesting

What you believe about money has a huge effect on how money can come to you. Changing your beliefs about money will help you to change your finances.

Affirmation to help reprogram your negative thoughts

Affirmations help to reprogram your mind to be open to the limitless prosperity you deserve.In this short 80 page easy to read guide, Julie gives you simple easy to follow tips to change these things to help you to manifest your desires. This book is packed full of priceless information. Scroll up and buy now.

How To Make Money Promoting And Selling A Nonfiction Book

RRP $18.99

Having trouble selling your nonfiction book?

Do you want to find simple book promotion techniques that you can use immediately?

This book will show you how.

In "How to Make Money Promoting and Selling a Nonfiction Book" you will learn fourteen simple and effective strategies to boost sales of your nonfiction book.

Many self-published authors make the mistake of thinking that once they write a book and publish it, people will find it on Amazon and just buy it. They tend to think that the sales will come rolling in once their books are listed on Amazon's marketplace. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of effort to get your book noticed and to get people to buy it.

The great thing about this book "How to Make Money Promoting and Selling a Nonfiction Book" is that it walks you through each method, step-by-step, to help you to implement the various techniques to promoting your nonfiction book online. In this practical guide you will discover how to do the following:

Chapter 1: Create a Sales Letter
Chapter 2: Set up an Author Page on Amazon's Author Central Website
Chapter 3: Optimize your book for Amazon
Chapter 4: Get Book Reviews
Chapter 5: Start a Free Book Promotion Through KDP Select Program
Chapter 6: Create an Author Website
Chapter 7: Submit to Search Engines
Chapter 8: Build a List
Chapter 9: How to Use Twitter to Promote Your Book
Chapter 10: How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Book
Chapter 11: How to Use YouTube to Promote Your Book
Chapter 12: Send Out Press Releases
Chapter 13: How to Use Slideshows to Promote Your Book
Chapter 14: Submit Your Book to Top Book Listing Sites

Yes, it is possible to increase your book sales. Just follow each of these promotional techniques and you will get customers to buy your book.

So if you want to know more about how you can successfully promote and sell your nonfiction book, click on theBuy button at the top of the page.

Send For A Superhero!

RRP $24.99

A bedtime read turns into a very funny superhero adventure in this exciting blend of picture book and comic book storytelling. It's time for bed and Dad is reading Emily and little Elmer a story..."Danger! Filth and Vacuum, The Terrible Two, are trying to destroy the world!" Who will save the day? Steel Man isn't strong enough; Flying-Through-the-Air-Very-Fast-Man isn't fast enough and Incredibly-Big-Strong-Green-Man isn't big, strong and green enough. Who can help? Clever young Brad 40 has a brilliant idea: he calls on a most unlikely superhero: Incredibly Boring Man, who sends the villains - and everyone else - to sleep! Filth and Vacuum are captured by the army, Brad is a hero, and Dad thinks Emily and Elmer have fallen asleep too. But he's wrong...

About the Author

Michael Rosen is one of the most popular authors of stories and poems for children. His titles include We're Going on a Bear Hunt, Little Rabbit Foo Foo, The Sad Book, Tiny Little Fly and the poetry collection Bananas in My Ears. Michael received the Eleanor Farjeon Award for distinguished services to children's literature in 1997 and was the Children's Laureate from 2007 to 2009. He is a distinguished critic and academic, co-directing an MA in Children's Literature at Birbeck College. His poetry readings are adored by children and adults alike. Michael lives in London.

Katharine McEwen graduated from Kingston University in 1996 and has since illustrated around forty children's books for all ages, including Cows in the Kitchen, Hey, Tabby Cat!, Here Comes Tabby Cat and four Sam's Science books. Katharine lives in Tonbridge, Kent.

It's Not You, It's Your Money

RRP $13.99

Have you ever felt powerless to resist spending, start saving, or whittle away at your debts? Each of these money-related chores can be tough enough to address on its own. Trying to deal with all three at once can seem downright impossible. It's Not You, It's Your Money provides a comprehensive blueprint to get to the root of spending habits, eliminate debt, build up your savings, and achieve your financial goals. It cuts through the complexity of typical financial lingo and presence the information in a practical manner. Through the tools in this book, you will not only gain control over your financial situation, but you will feel empowered and prepared to make wise financial decisions when faced with difficult situations.


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